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Parent-Teacher Conferences for 1st-5th grades

Tuesday, September 4, 2018-Monday, September 17, 2018

Parent-Teacher conferences are coming upon us quickly. The dates of the Parent-Teacher Conferences for first through fifth grades are Tuesday, September 4, through Monday, September 17. Please talk with your child's teacher if you have questions regarding the date and time of the conference.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are excellent ways to collaborate with your child’s teacher to identify strengths and needs, coordinate efforts to support learning and strengthen the home and school connection with your child’s teacher. The conferences held in September are designed to offer parents the opportunity to share information about the child's world outside of school. We believe that children have many talents, multiple intelligences, and often engage in these areas of expertise after school or on weekends. Finding how your child spends his/her free time is helpful to us. Together as a team the classroom teacher and parents can work together to create goals for students. You as the parent have the opportunity to offer valuable insight as to how your child learns, grows and develops. In addition, this will be an opportunity for teachers to share any initial student observations. In a school district that is working hard to personalize instruction for each student, the insights gained by parents and teachers through the conference are essential for continued progress. Thank you for taking the time to meet with your child’s classroom teacher.




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