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The Brewer Island library serves the entire school community.  The library is open on Wednesdays from 8 am – 12:30  pm and from 8 am to 2 pm on all other school days. The lunch hours give students a chance to come in for extra reading time during school time.  Grades K-5 attend the library once a week for a 25 minute session.  While at the library, the students check in and check out books for class assignments and pleasure reading.  Students are exposed to a variety of literature including biographies, poetry, myths, short stories and non-fiction.  The library is also a great place to showcase class art work so please stop by and see our students’ creative talents.

Students are responsible for the books checked out from our school library.  If a book is lost, the student must pay the cost of the book.

Two week-long book fairs, one in fall and one in spring, serve as the primary fundraisers for the library.  The fairs are open every day after school and one evening.  These book fairs are supported by PTA committees and are always in need of volunteers, so please look out for the volunteer sign ups during those weeks in October and March, and come on over to help support the library. PTA funding also pays for extra hours for the librarian so that the library can remain open during lunch time in order to facilitate those students who love to come and read at that time.

Volunteers are the backbone of our library. Parent volunteers are needed and welcomed to assist in the library with book selection, re-shelving books, maintaining records, and during check-in and check-out. If you are interested in volunteering please stop by the library or contact librarian Jordan Kan or (650) 312-6810.

Book donations are always welcome -- please talk to the librarian first.  We will either add them to the collection or use them in our "book swap."  Please put donations in a bag and drop them off in the library.  We are grateful for your generosity.