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Emergency Procedures

In Event of A District Emergency

In the event of an emergency disaster, our Emergency Operations Center will be activated.  We will be linked to local fire, police and medical personnel.  Because of the nature of some disasters, it is important that parents are aware of the following guidelines:

1.     Do not call your child on a cell phone. 

2.     For information, call the District office at 650-312-7700.  We will make every effort to have individuals available to answer your questions.  In the event phones are not operating, information will be broadcast through local radio and TV stations.

3.     Information updates will be broadcast at regular determined intervals not more than every three hours.

4.     We will determine, with local emergencies agencies, the safest course of action for your child’s well-being.  Sometimes, it is not safe or feasible to pick up your child where you usually pick them up.

5.     Please be aware that for the safety of your child, we will take precautions to make sure that your child is released with proper identification and documentation.

6.     Please make sure to keep your child’s emergency information up to date.

In case of emergency, civic disaster or natural event such as a power outage that might affect the operations of our schools, tune to the following radio and TV stations for the most current information:

Station Phone Fax
KCBS, 740 AM
(San Francisco)
(415) 765-4112 (415) 765-4080
KGO, 810 AM
(San Francisco)
(415) 954-8100 (415) 954-8686

District Educational Services. Center: 1170 Chess Drive, Foster City CA 94404

Phone: (650) 312-7700  Fax: (650) 312-7779

More information can be found on the District Website

It shall be the practice of the San Mateo-Foster City School District to retain students until officially released to parents or authorized persons during a disaster situation.

In case of an emergency that requires you to pick up your child from school, you should come to the front of the school on Polynesia.  If the structural integrity of the building allows, our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be located in our office; if not, it will be located outside our office facing Polynesia.  When you arrive at the EOC, you will be asked to sign your student(s) out, then your hand will be stamped.  Then you will be given information as to the exact location of your child’s class and will be allowed to go to the blacktop area to where the students will be located.  After your show the stamp to your child’s teacher, you will be asked to sign the red Emergency Card that you filled out earlier in the year.  You will then be allowed to take your child home.   The teachers will not release any student to anyone who does not have a stamp on their hand. This is for your child’s safety. Gates to the playground area on Niantic and Ranger Circle will be locked, and no students will be released without a parent checking in the EOC at the front of the school.  If an extreme failure of the buildings in the area between the EOC and the playground area occurs, signs will notify you where the EOC has been relocated.

No students will be released to anyone other than parents, guardians or their designee.  A parent’s designees must be listed on the red Emergency Card.  Persons who are unknown to someone in the EOC will be asked to show identification.  Please keep your teacher or our office informed of changes in “designees” who you might want to pick up your child.

If necessary, a first aid station will be set up in the gym or by the lunch area.  We do have adequate first aid supplies, but can only triage and take care of superficial wounds.  The Foster City Police Department has a system of communication with our school in an emergency.  Our school has been designated as the lead school to report to the police all information from schools in Foster City.  We have specialized communication equipment for this.

We have “walkie-talkies”, tools, emergency blankets, other necessary provisions until help arrives.  You should know that Brewer Island School was built to the highest standards for structural safety.  Nevertheless, we must take the job of preparation for any and all contingencies seriously.  We hope that you will talk to your child about what will happen in an emergency and what scenarios might exist for a child’s pick up in such a situation.

Every staff member has a copy of the Emergency Plan.  We also keep a copy in our office if you would like to examine one.  If you have any questions about this subject, feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the principal.