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The 16 Elementary Schools in San Mateo-Foster City School District implement curriculum that emphasizes listening, speaking, reading, writing and mathematics. You can read about curriculum on the San Mateo Foster City School District website

Brewer Island strives to provide all students with a well-rounded educational and social experience.  In addition to our Core Curriculum as described on the district website, Brewer Island also provides the following PTA supported programs for all students:

  • Library - Weekly visits to expose students to a variety of literature including biographies, poetry, myths, short stories and non-fiction.
  • Computer Lab - Weekly “grade-specific” instruction, which includes typing skills, power point, Word, Excel and Paint, supported by a computer instructor.
  • Art-in-Action - 8-12 lessons introducing students to various genres, artists, and technique 
  • Music - Weekly instruction for TK-4th graders; instrumental music for 5th graders.