San Mateo County Safe Routes to School

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Safe Routes to School (SR2S) is a countywide program offered by the San Mateo County Office of Education (SMCOE) and funded by the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County. The goal of the program is to encourage and enable school children to walk and bicycle to school by implementing activities that improve the health, well-being, and safety of children and result in less traffic congestion and emissions caused by school-related travel.

Converting more school trips to walking and biking is also a cost-effective way to reduce peak period congestion and improve local air quality.  As much as 20% to 30% of morning rush hour traffic can be attributed to parents driving their children to school in many communities.  When many of these same vehicles sit idling for minutes during pick-up and drop-off periods, school children and employees are exposed to higher levels of pollutants associated with increased asthma rates and other respiratory problems.

The Safe Routes to School program is based on the comprehensive 5E's model: Education, Encouragement, Engineering, Enforcement and Evaluation. The main goal of the program is to encourage students to be active, have a healthy start to the school day, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the environmental health of our communities.


Drop off and pick up procedures:

  • Utilize the white colored “loading zone” curb in front of the KG class area for drop offs and pick-ups only

  • Pull up all the way to the first empty stop on the curb

  • DO NOT PARK in the left lane of the loading zone (it is for through traffic only)

  • DO NOT unload children  from the left lane  (cars pulling out from the curb present a danger to pedestrians)

  • STOP your car completely before sending children to class

  • Make ONLY RIGHT TURNS when exiting the “loading zone”

  • No unattended vehicle parking is allowed in the loading zone

When driving to school:

  • Do not double park anywhere around the school campus

  • Do not  drop off /pick up, make U-turns or park in the staff parking lot

  • Do not block residential driveways (tickets will be issued by the FCPD for blocked driveways)

  • Do not park in the Red Zones (these are for emergency vehicles only)

  • Do not park or stop in the school bus designated area

When walking to school:

  • Cross only at the cross-section of Niantic and Polynesia near the front of the school

  • Students who cross Foster City Blvd. must cross at Bounty Drive

  • If crossing Polynesia Drive from the north, do so with the crossing guard on Niantic Drive

  • Set a safe example for your child by always crossing at the crosswalk

  • Do not allow your children to cut through the staff parking lot or run across the driveways ahead of you

  • Always hold the hands of toddlers and small children and keep them by their side until they are inside the safety of the school gates.

When riding a bike/scooter to school:

  • Wear helmets at all times per CA law (Cal. Vehicle Code 21212)

  • Students riding bikes or scooters should obey the same routes of travel as other students

  • Students must WALK their bikes/scooters on campus

  • Bikes/Scooters must be parked off the walkways and on bike racks located in front of the gym and near the Niantic Gate 

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